Shotblasting machine for die cast parts

We offer a variety of machines represented by compact shot blasting ones, to respond to the customers' various needs. In addition, the types that can be combined with the previous and subsequent processes into an automated inline system according to the production plan and those capable of deburring die cast products, becoming thinner and thinner in recent years, without deforming them have been favorably received.

   Hanger type Shotblast Machine DZBX series

   Finishing with controlled distortion has been realized.


  • Removal of impurities
  • Removal of burrs & fins
  • Sand removal from as-cast parts


  • Distortion is controlled by dispersing impact throughout the enlarged blasting pattern.
  • The product can be attached and detached during the blasting process to improve the efficiency.
  • The possibility of aluminum dust explosion has been greatly reduced with the use of zinc based shots.