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SBML conducted an open house at Nelcast Ltd, Nellore on 04th Dec-18 & at SBML on 05th Dec-2018

The event was attended by 40 delegates from 18 foundries from foundry clusters like Rajkot, Kolhapur, Jaipur and Coimbatore.

On 04th Dec-2018, SBML organized a visit to Nelcast Limited  to show a LIVE demo of FCMX-III Molding Machine with Mold Handling Line, Sand Plant (54T), FVN-III Auto Pour Machine followed by a technical/Interactive session at Nelcast manufacturing site .

Mr Deepak Reddy MD Nelcast limited addressed the interactive session and complimented about Machine Line and Auto pour and about our installation support.

 Mr. Arjun Bagri CEO (SBML) expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Deepak Reddy and Nelcast team for sharing their experience and allowing SBML to conduct Customers’ Day at their foundry.

On 05th Dec-2018, an open house was conducted at SBML Plant to showcase our manufacturing facility and had a Feedback Session.

From SBML, Mr. Parthasarathi AGM-Marketing and Mr. Kathiravan GM-Operations welcome all participants and SBML Marketing team interacted with customers in the technical/Feedback session.

Mr Arjun Bagri CEO SBML presented mementos to customers and thanked all delegates for the overwhelming response and made this event a grand success.