Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine - FBOX Series

   Compact, single station type. Highly accurate pattern drawing and mold closing.

   Molding Capacity of 200 molds/hr (FBOX-Ⅰ・Ⅱ)[without core setting]



  • Excellent mold strength and accuracy are realized with the use of the aeration sand filling system and the simultaneous flask removal system.
  • The cope and drag synchronized pattern drawing mechanism ensures stable molding by improving the transcription performance and preventing pattern distortion.
  • Mold height feedback control reduces sand consumption and compensates for CB variations.
  • Environment-friendly and energy-saving. The noise level is as low as 75 dB (A).


CE version is also available as an option.
Remarks: The above specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.