The SINTOKOGIO GROUP is a global business enterprise which consists of 24 companies in 12 countries with total approximately 4,010 employees and the sales amount is ¥104,231millions (fiscal year 2017 ended March 31, 2018). Since its foundation in 1934, SINTOKOGIO has been committed to developing the highest innovative technology in order to supply the best foundry equipment in the process material industry. SINTOKOGIO GROUP has applied its experiences and know-how of foundry technology to various related field and contributed to the production in many different kinds of industries: foundry equipment that is the main support of process material industry; surface treatment equipment that add values on the surface of processed materials (shotblasting machine, peening machine, mass finishing machine, fine processing machine, steel abrasives and finishing media); environmental equipment that improve the work environment and health and safety of operators (dust collector, exhausted gas treatment, waste water treatment); and more such as wear resistance casting, powder materials, mechatronics, conveyors, mold, ceramics, and testing and measuring equipment for automobile and electric parts.


SINTO in Japanese means New + East. The Japanese character「新」is pronounced "SIN" and express the idea of being New,Advanced and Innovative. 「東」pronounced "TO" represents the Sun rising from the East. It is the corporate culture of "Ever Moving Forward with Vision".



The SINTO logo symbolizes the dynamic energy of the burning flame. It also represents our hand shake with customers and joint ascent like rising sun.


The red band as a symbol of infinite in the following brand design means "Human bondage" , "Heart" and "Passion". The gray band means our commitment to quality as a manufacturer engaged in the metallurgical industry. Furthermore,the brand slogan "New Harmony >> New Solutions" means our intention to deepen close bondage with, build up a more reliable relationship with, constantly provide a new solution with all interested parties, and contribute to the harmony with the society and the environment on the basis of the brand concept of "Differentiated Technology" and "Reliable Customer Support".


Human Enrichment & Achievement through Reliable Technology.
Our corporate philosophy is HEART. It is an acronym for Human Enrichment and Achievement through Reliable Technology. Our sincere desires to achieve great success through our world class technology and to deepen close ties and understanding with our customers and business partners are embedded in HEART. Further,HEART contains our firm conviction of pursuing the heartfelt and sincere attitude of service to our customers. "Heart and Conscience of a Manufacturer" allows us to build up the "Ties of Reliability" with all stakeholders.